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See White, Think Green

Now that the ground is covered in white, it’s time to start thinking green and plan your landscaping. Call 215-634-6332 today for a free consultation.Read Full Article

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Since 1982, Avant Gardens has been building gardens and landscapes for residential, commercial and municipal clients in the Philadelphia area. With our focus on luxury townhouses and urban landscapes, we create hardscapes from roof top decks and green roofs to small garden niches. For suburban clients we also provide organic lawn care and maintenance as well as snow and ice removal. Using repurposed materials and creative designs, we treat gardening as an art form.Read Full Article

Pergolas Bring Structure to Outdoor Spaces

A pergola is a structure with a grid of beams and rafters overhead. The grid can be left open or it can be covered with fabric or vines to provide seclusion and shield from the sun. Pergolas create beauty and add function in your outdoor space.Read Full Article

Adding Greenery to 18th Century Homes

Urban shade gardens with ferns, azaleas and assorted plantings for year-round interest.Read Full Article

Restoring Beauty to a National Shrine

Avant Gardens was selected to gently clean the 250 year old headstones and spruce up the property at Mikveh Israel Cemetery, a national shrine at 8th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia. Mowing and maintaining burial grounds is just a part of what Avant Gardens has been doing since 1982. To read more about Mikveh Israel Cemetery, click here.Read Full Article

Fall Bloomers

Now is the time most people are planting Mums… they are hardy and will last if properly maintained (cut back in early July for late blooms) but soon we can plant pansies which will last until next summer… often blooming all winter and spring into July. Some bulbs actually bloom in the fall, so this is a great time to plant them to get some color in late September and early October. Look for the autumn crocus, winter daffodil, Guernsey lily, saffron crocus, and some Read Full Article

Purdue specialist warns of disease deadly to impatiens

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Home gardeners making out their shopping list of annuals to plant should beware of a disease that is inflicting the always-popular impatiens, a Purdue Extension plant disease specialist says. Janna Beckerman advises gardeners to evaluate the history of their gardens and determine if downy mildew – a disease well-established in the Midwest – was in their yard or in neighboring yards last year before planting any impatiens this year. “Few plants provide the Read Full Article

Mosquito Control and West Nile Virus

A very moist spring and summer brings us an abundance of gorgeous flowers, fruits and veggies, but they also contribute to an increase in those nasty mosquitos. Unfortunately, they’re not just annoying; the diseases they can carry are threatening. There were 124 reported deaths from West Nile Virus in the United States during the year 2007. This article from Mother Earth News discusses mosquito control and West Nile Virus protection.Read Full Article

End of Summer Garden Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure your garden is still getting a good soaking. The plants may not look like they are doing much above the ground, but below they are busy growing strong roots that will store much-needed nourishment for the coming winter. Deadhead the flowers and do a little pruning to keep things in shape. Add some lime in your soil, get the weeds under control and inspect your mulch. If there are any bare spots or it is lower than Read Full Article

Is Organic Lawn Care Worth the Effort?

Avant Gardens has been caring for lawns with chemical-free fertilizers and biological pest and disease control for years. You might be wondering though, if the results are worth it, or if you have to sacrifice the way it looks in order to be “green”. Check out this article from This Old House and decide for yourself. And then if you’re ready to make the switch, give Avant Gardens a call for our organic lawn care service at 215-634-6332 or drop us a line right now.Read Full Article